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iTeacher Tip of the Day

Walk softly and carry a Big Heart.

iTeacher Tip of the Day

Over 20 years ago, I approached my Supervisor with a work-related problem. (so I thought)
He patiently listened and replied, “.. you know, my father said to me,..
when you raise a problem, always offer a solution(s) to that problem.”

iTeacher Tip of the Day

Encourage and show off your class and students’ successes in the classroom.
Showcase these achievements in school and in the social media world.
Advocate this positive message to your co-teachers in regular education classrooms
 as well as in the special education classrooms. Be a leader!

Learning for today versus learning for tomorrow: Teaching evaluations

Computing Education Research Blog

Really interesting set of experiments that give us new insight into the value of teaching evaluations.  The second is particularly striking and points to the difficulty of measuring teaching quality — good today isn’t the same as good tomorrow.

When you measure performance in the courses the professors taught i.e., how intro students did in intro, the less experienced and less qualified professors produced the best performance. They also got the highest student evaluation scores. But more experienced and qualified professors students did best in follow-on courses i.e., their intro students did best in advanced classes.The authors speculate that the more experienced professors tend to “broaden the curriculum and produce students with a deeper understanding of the material.” p. 430 That is, because they don’t teach directly to the test, they do worse in the short run but better in the long run.

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Teaching the importance of data

Roc School Psychology

Sometimes we all forget how important clear, undisputed data can be. We are often unaware of the progress that our children (or ourselves) have made. Keeping data and charting that information helps us remain aware of improvements. More importantly, creating progress charts helps prove to ourselves that our hard work is paying off.

I’ve found that teaching elementary students how to complete charts and allowing them to pick any specific skill area (I.e., # of free throws made out of 20 attempts, or typing words per minute) promotes a positive mindset, confidence, and a generally positive skill that we should all remember to use. I made a simple hart in Word and distributed it to a counseling group I met with and found marked improvements in every single.glen student. I encourage you all to pick one area, create a plan on how to improve it, and chart your progress. You…

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last day of public school in nyc


morning everyone;

Today is the last day of public school for most NYC students. I can’t say about others but this year felt as it went by too quickly for me.. I kept busy with parent teacher conferences, I was the vice president in my son’s pta. It was just one thing after another..  

Just last night I was talking with my 2 oldest kids and asked them what the heck did they learn from this years academic experience. From our  conversation it seems that my 4th grader got mostly all the multiplication  table mesmerized which is great (I guess) considering we grown ups use calculators and all electronic devices comes with one, she learned to work with decimal and percentages (this would be great when she had to calculate with a calculator her future bills),when it came to science she learned about molecules(um yeah I bet you remember this) and did one major project on rain forest (with my help of course), in social studies  she said she learned about…

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Evernote: A Great Tool for Organizing Teachers & Students!

Indiana Jen

This has been reblogged from my post at PLPVoices 

evernote-logo-300x298If you are not familiar with Evernote, now is the time. Evernote is a free web tool and application that helps you to organize your notes, emails, images, and, well…. everything. It’s hard to describe, but this 50-second video highlights some of the key features and abilities.

Evernote can be a great application for teachers, both to keep yourself coordinated and to facilitate student learning. I want to highlight a few ways that I have employed Evernote not only to make my life a little easier as a teacher, but to help my students and my classroom stay more focused and organized.

First, if you need to familiarize yourself with a quick tutorial, try out the “Getting Started Guide For Teachers.” This will help you with the basics of setting up an account, creating notes, and syncing across…

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