last day of public school in nyc


morning everyone;

Today is the last day of public school for most NYC students. I can’t say about others but this year felt as it went by too quickly for me.. I kept busy with parent teacher conferences, I was the vice president in my son’s pta. It was just one thing after another..  

Just last night I was talking with my 2 oldest kids and asked them what the heck did they learn from this years academic experience. From our  conversation it seems that my 4th grader got mostly all the multiplication  table mesmerized which is great (I guess) considering we grown ups use calculators and all electronic devices comes with one, she learned to work with decimal and percentages (this would be great when she had to calculate with a calculator her future bills),when it came to science she learned about molecules(um yeah I bet you remember this) and did one major project on rain forest (with my help of course), in social studies  she said she learned about…

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