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iTeacher Tip of the Day:

Don’t spend time telling others how good a teacher you are. Actions speak louder than words. No one likes a bragger, anyway. If you’re a good teacher, it will get noticed quickly. 

Teachers, Saving Lives, and Baseball Cards

Brad the Dad

I wish we lived in a society that celebrated doctors, police officers, firemen, and teachers much like we do our professional athletes.  Simply put – I want them on baseball cards.

These men and women have ridiculously impressive stats just like athletes, but as a culture, we tend to celebrate our escapes, not our realities.

We definitely value those who answer these callings in life, selfless calls that put others ahead of their own needs and their own lives, but celebrate and talk about them as if they are the true role models in this world?  That which they deserve to be…

I’m afraid not.

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Today I Actually Found Something on Zulily!

The Good Ship Insanity

I love Zulily. I hate Zulily. Why? Because it has so many adorable options for little girls but is usually sadly lacking for boys – which is all I have. But then there are days like today.

New on Zulily today are a boat load of fireman themed items! Some really super adobrable personalized ones, firetruck rain boots. Costumes, a riding toy, books,and toy tool kits. There Unfortunately no kiddie SCBAs T.T But there are some great puzzles, including a 3D puzzle set for tweens, teens, and puzzle loving parents!

Yes, I said SCBA. I know the term. This is Big Daddy’s area of expertise. I’ll expound on this later.

So, the moral of the story, if you have little boys today Zulily is your friend!

P.S. to get to Zulily click on any of the Zulilys in this post previous to the P.S!

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Tip of the Day

Don’t just notice the students who are the first to raise their hands, first to volunteer to hand out items, or already knows the answer to move along your lesson. Pay attention to those students huddled on the sidelines as well. They deserve your equal attention.